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Meet the new made in the USA Bow Wow Buddy!

Introducing the made in the USA Bow Wow Buddy safety device. Veterinarian and dog approved, the Bow Wow Buddy now secures more than just bully sticks! Our redesigned Bow Wow Buddy now has three points of pressure and a new inner hole design, allowing it to safely secure split antlers, collagen sticks, cheese chews, salmon skins and more!

Discover the World’s Safest bully stick & long-term chew holder

The Bow Wow Buddy

Introducing the Made in the USA Bow Wow Buddy safety device. Veterinarian and dog approved, the Bow Wow Buddy now secures more than just bully sticks!
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Amanda C.
I have searched for a better price on bully sticks and haven't found one. For the consistency, quality, and convenience, I really can't be bothered to continue looking. The Bow Wow Buddy makes it safe and fun to give my dogs and my nephew-dogs a great long-lasting treat that they all really enjoy.
Dog Weight
40 lbs
Dog Breed
Australian Cattle
Bully Sticks
Miguel R.
This is great to protect your pet from choking on bully sticks or other chews. It’s heavy duty made and easy to use. The only concern is you have to tighten the bully stick by turning the lever with enough strength so it does not come loose.
Dog Weight
30 lbs
Dog Breed
Olde English Bulldogge
Bow Wow Buddy
For Dogs 30-50 Lbs
Allison K.
My dogs love their bully sticks and I use them with the Bow Wow buddy to get a few moments peace in my house. The fact that only had to place an order once and the bully sticks will ship every month is a great time saver for me and something that I really appreciate (and so do the pups!)
Dog Weight
95 lbs
Dog Breed
Yellow Lab
Bow Wow Buddy Starter Kit
For Dogs 75-100 Lbs
Our Philosophy

Our focus will always be on the health & safety of your pups

Why Bow Wow Labs?

Our pets are family—and we believe family deserves the best we can give. That’s why we take a holistic approach with our pups and see them as the individuals they are. What does this mean? Simply, it means that we create and curate products that support a healthy mind, a fit physique, and a body that is in good health because of the nutrition and safety we deliver. It also means that we understand that not every solution is the right solution for each pet—so we’ve created options and solutions for all. This is the core of our mission: to help you keep your pets living in good health for as long as possible. That's the promise we make to our own family, and it’s one we will help you fulfill with yours.

Health & Wellness

We know that canine nutrition is the foundation of good health. A systemic one-size-fits-all approach to feeding and treating has negatively impacted the health and well-being of the dogs we love. Using our holistic approach, we look at the whole picture of canine wellness; optimal canine nutrition, support of the body systems and stimulation of the mind and body. We are forging a path so dog owners have the best options available. In this way, we empower you to be the best advocate for your pup(s) and the best dog parents possible.


Regardless of the great choices you make to provide your pup with the best possible feeding, snacking and treating options, if it isn’t delivered safely—it all falls apart. Safety is what Bow Wow Labs was built on and we promise to continue to innovate to ensure you have options to provide all your pup needs with little risk.
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The Bow Wow Buddy Starter Kit

Offering everything your need to offer your pup the safest snacking experience in one convenient package.

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